Minor Subdivision

Minor Subdivisions are the first four lots that have been divided from the same originating parcel or one of its subdivisions since November 30, 1972. The minor subdivision process follows the following general outline. Contact Matt Kaczynski at 410-479-8100 with questions about subdivisions.
  1. Determine your subdivision potential. Check with Planning and Codes (410-479-8100) to see if there is anything already on file indicating subdivision potential. If there is nothing on file, you must hire a surveyor and/or land use attorney to determine your subdivision potential. You may find that there is no subdivision potential and it's best to learn that early in the process.
  2. Contact Environmental Health (410-479- 8045) to complete a Water and/or Sewer Verification Form (if existing parcel has existing well/septic systems) and or complete a PERC test for any building lots.
  3. If you have not already done so, hire a surveyor and have a Worksheet Plat submitted to Environmental Health. The Worksheet Plat is a free review done by Environmental Health in an attempt to resolve design issues prior to official plat submittal at Planning and Codes.
  4. Formally submit your plats to the following agencies.
    • Environmental Health: You will need one paper copy, Plat Evaluation Application, and fees (see application).
    • Planning and Codes: You will need three paper copies, an electronic copy, a completed and signed application, a signed surveyor checklist, and your fees (see application).
  5. The Review. Subdivisions will be initially reviewed by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).
  6. Resubmittal. Resubmittals should be made per the comments of all the reviewing agencies and Planning and Codes. Contact Matt Kaczynski at 410-479-8100 with any questions or concerns.
  7. Final Submittal. Submit 3 paper copies with all additional agreements and associated fees.
  8. Recordation. If no further corrections or documentation is required the plat will be signed by the Health Department and Planning & Codes and then will be sent to the Clerk of Circuit Court for recordation.
For more information, contact Matt Kaczynski at 410-479-8100. 

Forms & Additional Information