Floodplain Management

100-Year Floodplain
Some areas of Caroline County are subject to periodic flooding, which poses risks to the public health and safety, as well as potential loss of property. Flood–related losses may result from structures which are inappropriately located, inadequately elevated, or otherwise unprotected and vulnerable and development, which increases flood damage to other lands. While the protection of life and property provided the initial basis for the protection of floodplains, there has been a growing recognition in recent years that limiting disturbances within floodplains can serve a variety of additional public health benefits. Floodplains moderate and store floodwaters, absorb wave energies, and reduce erosion and sedimentation. Wetlands found within floodplains help maintain water quality, recharge surface water supplies, protect fisheries, and provide habitat and natural corridors for wildlife.

In October 1980, Caroline County adopted regulations, which require any new development to have sufficient area outside the floodplain to accommodate all construction, including wells and septic systems. All development located in the 100-year floodplain is subject to strict flood protection measures. Since 1995, Caroline County has participated in the Community Rating System (CRS) program. The CRS program is a voluntary program administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and provides discounts for flood insurance policy holders within participating communities. For more information, visit the www.floodsmart.gov website.

Local Information

Copies of elevation certificates on file may be obtained by contacting the Department.

Caroline County Flood Insurance Study & Flood Insurance Rate Maps

Previous FIS & FIRM data may be obtained by contacting the Department. FIRMs may be viewed through FEMA's Flood Map Service Center.

Interactive Maps

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This online map is designed to guide homeowners through the process of determining their current flood risk using Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMS). Pertinent information used by Engineers and Surveyors for modeling and mapping Special Flood Hazard Areas can be downloaded as shape files and HEC-RAS (modeling) data types.

This online map provides information about survey control marks (including bench marks). Data may be downloaded as text files or shape files which can be used in GIS software.

Additional Floodplain Information

Emergency Notifications and Alerts

For additional information, contact Matt Kaczynski at 410-479-8100.