Road Names & Addressing

Caroline County has developed a comprehensive addressing system to provide automatic location identification for enhanced 911 services. The purpose is to give every home and business in Caroline County a permanent number and road name which will allow efficient response by fire, police, ambulance and other emergency services with the implementation of the Enhanced 911 System. All property containing a home, business, or other primary use or structure should have an address number.

New address numbers will be assigned to a property during the building permit application review process and will be provided upon issuance of the permit. Prior to the start of construction a temporary weather-resistant address sign shall be posted on the property. The address number shall be legible and visible from the adjoining road. See How to Display Your Address.

Emergency response personnel often have trouble locating the source of a 911 call. They can tell you that trying to find a home can be frustrating and dangerous when every second counts. With Enhanced 911 service the caller’s address will be displayed for the 911 dispatcher. With uniform county-wide numbers based on a grid, the 911 dispatcher will be able to quickly send the needed emergency services directly to the location.

Who Assigns Road Names & Addresses? Who Installs Road Signs?

The Department of Planning and Codes is responsible for the assignment of new premise addresses in the unincorporated territory of Caroline County and the approval of new road names for subdivisions, town roads and private roads. There shall be no road names used prior to this approval as it may lead to confusion in the emergency response system. Also for this reason, new road signs may only be erected by Caroline County Department of Public Works, the State Highway Administration or the Towns.

For additional information, contact Crystal Dadds at 410-479-8100.