Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Division is responsible for the development and maintenance of the county emergency management program. This includes all disaster preparedness, hazard mitigation, and emergency planning activities to include the development and maintenance of the Caroline County Emergency Operations Plan. Emergency Management is also responsible for public alert and warning, operation of the County Emergency Operations Center (EOC), and working closely with regional, state, and federal partners to ensure life safety, property, and environmental protection, as well as recovery before, during, and following times of emergency or disaster.

Emergency Preparedness

When an emergency or disaster strikes, will you and your family be prepared? Emergencies range from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and winter storms to hazardous waste spills and terrorist attacks. So take this opportunity to share information on our website with your family. Everyone is susceptible to the possibility of emergencies, regardless of where you live. DES encourages every resident to become aware of emergencies that could impact them. 

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Build a Kit
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Frequently Asked Questions

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