Caroline County Online Job Application

Job Application

Instruction to Applicant:

1. Please complete all sections of the following form by typing, selecting buttons, or entering fields.

2. In order to be considered by the County, applicants must fully complete the following application form and submit it. If an offer of employment is made, applicants are required to undergo certain background checks and execute certain consents.

3. Applications must be completed and sent on or before the closing date established for the announcement.

4. Direct questions concerning this application to the Caroline County Office of Human Resources at the address indicated or telephone 410.479.4105 or send a fax to 410.479.4023. 

Applicant Certification and Authorization

By completing and submitting this form:

1. I certify and affirm that I have carefully reviewed all of the information I have supplied in this APPLICATION and that it is true and correct.

2. I authorize Caroline County to solicit information regarding my character, general reputation, credit, previous employment and similar background information, and to contact any previous employers and references I have listed on this application. I authorize all previous employers to furnish Caroline County information they may have regarding my employment and reasons I left employment. In consideration of Caroline County's willingness to consider me for employment and to evaluate my credentials against other applicants, and the willingness of my previous employers to supply information which is necessary to that process, I release, discharge and hold harmless Caroline County and all previous employers from any liability at so ever in connection with the furnishing or obtaining of employment information, or arising out of the processing of this APPLICATION and consideration of my candidacy for the position have applied for.

3. I specifically acknowledge that:

     a. If, during the selection process, any information I have supplied on this APPLICATION is found to be incorrect or incomplete, I may be subject to disqualification from further consideration as a applicant for employment for furnishing false information.

     b. If, after I have been employed by Caroline County, any information I have supplied is found to be incorrect or incomplete, I may be terminated from employment for furnishing false information.

    c. Unless I am an applicant for employment as Deputy Sheriff or Correctional Officer, I have not been required to submit to a polygraph examination in connection with my application for a position of employment with Caroline County.

    d. All applicants offered employment must pass a urinalysis test for designated controlled dangerous substances. After I am employed, I understand that I may be required to participate in random urinalysis testing depending on my position.

4.  The County will conduct a complete criminal background and registry checks and that I will be required to submit fingerprints and execute certain tasks. I understand that my fingerprints will be used to check the criminal history records of the FBI. 

5. I have been advised that should I be employed by Caroline County, I shall be an Employee at Will with the terms and conditions of my employment established by rules and regulations adopted by the Caroline County Commissioners. 

6. I fully understood the provisions of this Applicant Certification and Authorization when I read them, or they were fully explained to me by the Office of Human Resources.

HR Application Form


  1. 1. Applicant information
  2. 2. Vehicle License
  3. 3. Certifications
  4. 4. Education Information
  5. 5. Business References
  6. 6. Employment History
  7. 7. Second Employer
  8. 8. Third Employer
  9. 9. Fourth Employer
  10. 10. Recognition & Awards & Knowledge/Skills
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      DENTON, MD 21629
      PHONE: 410-479-4105
      FAX: 410-479-4023

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    7. 1. Are you legally eligible for employment in the United States of America? (If hired by Caroline County, you will be required to furnish proof of your eligibility for employment in the United States of America.)*
    8. 2. Are you over the age of eighteen (18) years? (If your answer is "no", your employment is conditioned upon verification that your are of a minimum legal age to be employed in the position for which you have applied).)*
    9. 3. Have you ever been asked to resign or resigned from a position in lieu of being fired? (If your answer is "yes", please give the employer, the position you held, the reason for the employer's action and the date you left employment.)*
    10. 4. Are you able to perform the essential functions of the job for which you are applying with or without reasonable accomodation?*
    11. 5. If selected for employment, on what date are you available to begin work?