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Smart911 app

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The unexpected can happen at any given point, it’s the nature of the world. That fact doesn’t need to be scary or cause you distress, however, thanks to the amazing Smart911 app. We encourage all Caroline County residents to immediately download it to their favorite smart device and get the peace of mind they deserve today. Why? It’s because the Smart911 mobile app is your guide to seamless emergency preparedness and a sort of early warning system*. Within the app, you can create an optional safety profile that gives 911 additional information for quicker response times, receive alerts about hazardous weather or traffic conditions in your area, and be placed on a vulnerable needs registry so that first responders know you will require special assistance during times of crisis. All of that and more can be found inside the incredible Smart911 app. Download it today and then contact us about our own Smart911 app review!

Smart911 mobile app

How Does It Work?

It is very easy to begin staying ahead of potential emergencies. First, you will need to download Smart911 from either the Apple App Store or Google Play onto a smart device. You will then need to create your Smart911 app account and provide information, such as your contact information, a secure password, the type of phone you are using, and more. After your account is activated, you can fill out an optional profile with facts about the people and pets in your household, any medical conditions and medication usage to note, details about your property, etc. This can give plenty of reference for emergency responders as they head out to assist you. Several commonly asked questions about the Smart911 mobile app include:

Q: Doesn't 911 already have my phone numbers and know who I am?

A: While 911 has records of landline numbers and the name of the person said landline is registered to, it does not have a mobile number registry. Using Smart911 displays your safety profile* right on a dispatcher’s screen with your name and all relevant information. 

Q: Do I need to fill out a safety profile after downloading the Smart911 app? 

A: The app’s safety profile is entirely optional, but we encourage it because of its usefulness. Details, such as how many people live at the house, if there is any medical equipment, special needs, etc., will definitely assist emergency responders in knowing the exact type of care required.

Q: I already receive alerts on my smart device. What notifications will the Smart911 mobile app provide?

A: While your phone or tablet receives emergency alerts, those are typically related to national weather alerts, child abductions, etc. Smart911 notifications for Caroline County residents will be locally based and deal with issues currently affecting the area. These notifications will be used strictly for emergencies and safety precautions; you will not have frequent alerts sent to your device.

Smart911 mobile app

Always Be Prepared

As you can tell, there are a lot of fantastic advantages to downloading the Smart911 app. Feeling secure about your family’s safety is just a couple of clicks away. Create your account, touch base with us about our Smart911 app review, and become one step ahead of disaster today!

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*Visit for more details.