Grievance Appeal Panel


Meetings are held only when it is deemed necessary.


Sarah Minner DahlMemberCitizenFirst2/2/212/2/24
Dennis PorterMemberCitizenFirst1/26/211/25/24
Jonah OwensMemberCitizenFirst2/2/212/1/24
Peter BreliaMemberCitizenSecond11/30/1811/29/21
Samantha ParkerMemberCitizenSecond2/11/192/12/22


The County Commissioners shall appoint seven individuals. The appointments shall be made without regard to political party, provided, however, that no more than four members of the Grievance Appeal Panel shall be members of the same political party. Members shall be selected for their recognized general intelligence and reputation for integrity. Familiarity with labor, employment, or personnel matters is beneficial but not necessarily required. No person in an employment relationship with the county shall serve on the Grievance Appeal Panel. All members of the Grievance Appeal Panel shall be citizens and residents of Caroline County.


Members are chosen and appointed by the County Commissioners.

Term of Office

Membership on the Grievance Appeal Panel shall be for a term of three years. A member may be reappointed for an unlimited number of terms.

Charge / Authority

(Personnel Rules and Regulations of Caroline County, Chapter 6 Section 108)
Upon receiving a notice of an appeal to the Grievance Appeal Panel, the County Attorney shall notify the first available member on the list to hear the appeal.