Animal Welfare & Control Hearing Board

No regular meetings are held.

Name Role Type
Lt. Donny Baker
Ex-Officio Sheriff's Office Deputy
Amanda Showell
Ex-Officio Director of Animal Control
Don Wilson
Ex-Officio Director of Environmental Health
George Lacey
Member Not Affiliated with Animal Control
Michael Shriver
Member Not Affiliated with Animal Control

No fewer than five persons, including the Director of Animal Control, a deputy from the Caroline County Sheriff's Department or a municipal police officer, the Director of Environmental Health from the Caroline County Health Department, and two persons not affiliated with Animal Control.

Candidates will be gathered with dual efforts of the board liaison and the Commissioners Office before submitting names for the Commissioners' approval.

Term of Office
Ex-officio members serve the duration of their employment in the designated position. Citizen members serve indefinite terms at the pleasure of the County Commissioners.

Charge / Authority
(Code of Public Local Laws of Caroline County, Maryland §78-20)
 The board may conduct public hearings in order to determine if an animal is dangerous, to hear appeal from the closure of commercial animal establishments, upon the receipt of a written complaint, or at the discretion of the Director of Animal Control, regarding alleged violations of Chapter 78 (Animal Control) of the Code of Public Local Laws of Caroline County, Maryland, or noncompliance with Animal Control orders, except for questions of damages.